Courses Taught

Structure of Information (Fall 2020)

In this undergraduate course, students examine economic and cultural factors that affect the availability and reliability of of electronic information, and compare and contrast that with other sources. The class also addresses power dynamics related to how information is organzied and attributed.

Reference Sources and Services (Fall 2019; Spring 2020)

This Master's course focuses on resources, theories, and issues related to reference services in all types of libraries. The course covers an array of sources that librarians may use on the job, as well as more critical topics related to professionalization, power dynamics in reference interactions, and inequities in libraries. 

Students say:

I truly enjoyed this course and everything Diana spoke of. They encouraged critical thinking and were able to apply every lesson to real life scenarios. This was a treat.

This is the first course I'v taken where I felt the conversations we were having in class  were productive, and where I felt comfortable participating.

The class discussion encouraged me to think critically about the prescribed methods of reference services, particularly with technology use. 

Gender & Technology (Fall 2018; Spring 2019)
Rutgers SC&I | Undergrad, On-site | Syllabus

This undergraduate course provides an overview of key sociotechnical issues related to a spectrum of human interactions with technology. The course draws on both current and historical critical theory and perspectives, with a focus on intersectional feminist and feminist technoscientific approaches, to help students understand the implications of technology under patriarchy. 

Students say: 

The material is very relevant to current events and today's society. I appreciated the wide variety of topics and that LGBTQ culture was being taught as well. This is a very enlightening class.

Diana was always extremely prepared and truly made me want to come to class.

Diana was a pleasure to talk to and really accepted all ideas and really facilitated discussion well. If the class was not speaking they would ask more questions to make it clearer for people to respond. They would also be understanding. Favorite Teacher.

Diana is one of the most effective instructors I have ever had the privilege of working with, and their passion and knowledge in the subject matter actively promotes further exploration both in and out of class.

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